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 Collection assets are as varied as Ralph Kramden’s bus driver jacket from The Honeymooners, Ricky Ricardo’s tuxedo from I Love Lucy, Captain Kirk’s uniform from Star Trek, Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone from Get Smart, Archie and Edith Bunker’s living room chairs from All In the Family, and Johnny Carson’s complete set from The Tonight Show to the vomit bucket from Fear Factor, Donald Trump’s boardroom from The Celebrity Apprentice, Simon Cowell’s judges desk from American Idol, and a section of the downed plane from Lost.  James Comisar is the President of the Comisar Collection and The Museum of Television, the world's largest television memorabilia archive.

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Star Trek Togas

The Comisar Collection, Inc. is the most comprehensive archive of original television costumes, props, sets, and related ephemera extant. Since its inception in 1989, the collection’s mission has been to conserve and celebrate television’s tangible history, and its artifacts span the history of television from the first flickering moments of the broadcast medium to what was on TV last night.

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